Foresight Friday: Drop. Your. Sword.


Foresight Friday: Drop. Your. Sword.

Foresight Friday: Drop. Your. Sword.

Divination Method: Supernatural Tarot 

Card Drawn: 2 of Blades 

Key Words: Crossroads, Choice, Stalemate    

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

It's Friday again, and that means another reading! *Woot-Woot!*

Last week was about embracing the fact that we are loved, and that some really awesome people think that we too are awesome. 

This week we need to hold on to that and use it to fuel us for what comes next...

So, what does come next? The Supernatural tarot says it's the Two of Blades.

I know, I know, everyone freaks out when they see a card with the pointy things on it, but I don't always see them as a bad thing...and I don't believe it's bad this time around.

What does this card mean for us, exactly?

Well, it means that we're being faced with an important decision. We've entered yet another crossroads on the Path of Life, and we're being met with some resistance (which is readily depicted in the two crossed blades that are depicted on the card). 

The two of Blades card from the Supernatural: Join the Hunt tarot.

The one giving us so much trouble, US! Yup, we're feeling like we need to put up a fight against choosing which road to go down.

We're at a stalemate, and are struggling with how best to procede. Here's the thing though, all we're doing by fighting with ourselves is putting off the inevitable.

If we take a moment to pause and listen to that inner voice deep within, we'll hear that we already know what to do.

We must stop fighting with ourselves so we can move on to the next big thing.

Putting off the inevitable will just make things more difficult. Change is rarely easy, but it is often for the best, and it's always unavoidable. 

So...I'm hopping from Supernatural to The Princess Bride to leave you with the words of The Dread Pirate Roberts (aka Westley, aka Farmboy):

Drop. Your. Sword.

Yup, just drop it and do what it is that needs doing. You'll be happier about it in the long run.

Until Next Time, Pixilators! 

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust 


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